Sagar Shah, M.D.

Joined North Coast Family Medical Group in January 2022 after working in a variety of clinical settings.

Dr. Sagar Shah joined North Coast Family Medical Group in January 2022. He worked in a variety of clinical settings including academia, Kaiser Permanente in Honolulu, a small Family Medicine clinic in Portland, the Department of Veteran Affairs, and a Federally Qualified Health Center. Dr. Shah completed his residency training in Family Medicine and then received a fellowship in evidence-based Integrative Medicine and a Masters in Public Health Prevention. Dr. Shah believes in supporting a patient’s capacity to heal through lifestyle medicine approaches in addition to conventional care. This can be achieved by utilizing extensive dietary counseling, manual manipulation, and other techniques (such as hypnosis) to help support patients’ well-being. His clinical approach involves three key elements: starting with what matters most to the patient, ensuring shared decision making, and providing extensive patient education during the visit. In his free time, Dr. Shah enjoys cycling, rooting for Chicago sports teams, cooking and exploring new cuisines, and spending time with his growing family.


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